Sports Monitoring / EEG – Concussion Study

Dr. Rosa Bell has developed a provisionally patented procedure utilizing Video Ambulatory EEG technology to work directly with collegiate and professional sports teams on the field and before/after practice and games which properly and in real-time analyzes players involved in high-contact sports for head injury, trauma, and concussion. In today’s world, these issues have become top priority when it comes to player safety. Dr. Bell has made it possible to establish baseline brainwave activity reports on all players associated with partner teams, and then analyze brainwave activity in real time after possible on-field injury or after practice/games in order to properly diagnose these conditions and address them before further injury occurs. This has also led to new advances in the study of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a progressive degenerative disease of the brain often found in athletes who have been subjected to repetitive head trauma. Prior to this new technology, CTE has only been able to be studied posthumously, after it is too late.


Dr. Rosa Bell featured on WSFA12 News (NBC) for Groundbreaking Sports Technology: