VNS (Vagal Nerve Stimulator)

Dr. Rosa Bell and Neurological Care Center of Montgomery are here to reduce, prevent and even STOP Seizures! The VNS (Vagal Nerve Stimulator) is a small device that is implanted into the patient’s upper left chest under general anesthesia and connected to the Vagus Nerve which is one of 12 pairs of cranial nerves. A connecting wire is run under the skin from the device to the vagus nerve in the left side of the neck. Three small leads are then carefully attached to the nerve. Implantation is usually accomplished within 1 to 2 hours.Stimulation of the vagus nerve is thought to affect some of its connections to areas in the brain that are prone to seizure activity. If a seizure begins between intervals, the patient activates the stimulater by swiping a magnet over their chest at the location where the device is implanted. The device also auto detects seizures and activates the stimulator to stop the seizure. Many patients experience 50% reduction in seizure frequency, and seizures are less severe. In some studies, small groups of patients have experienced complete elimination of seizures all together.


Dr. Rosa Bell discusses VNS Results with Patient (:30)